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MIDI Key Control
MIDI Key Control is designed to provide a fast and easy way to send MIDI messages without having a physical controller connected to the computer. You can use the mouse or QWERTY keyboard to trigger each message. 

MIDI Key Control features control change messages, drum pads, and a virtual sustain pedal in addition to the traditional virtual keyboard controller. 

This project was designed entirely in Max.

OSX Application
Max Collective

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A GUI envelope editor for SuperCollider
  • Graphically add/edit nodes
  • Click and drag to edit curves
  • Range and length automatically set to given envelope

on GitHub

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Cecilia5 modules
Several Cecilia5 modules
  • SimpleLooper
  • QuadLooper
  • MultiHarmonizer with Delays
  • Morphable Amp Modulation
  • xDelay8

On GitHub
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