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Selected Works List

Acoustic Music

Large Ensemble

Closer to Home (2016)
SSAA Chorus
commissioned by World Projects for Ensemble Permoník

Step Up! (2015)
String Orchestra
commissioned by World Projects for the Beckman Chamber Orchestra

such as I am you will be… (2014)
Large Orchestra
commissioned by World Projects and the Boston Composers’ Coalition
for the Harker School Orchestra

Kaleidoscope (2010)
Large Orchestra

All the Wonder in the World (2010)
Alea III - part of 19 Epigrams in Honor of Lukas Foss

Fanfare for Orchestra (2000)
Chamber Orchestra

As Time Goes By (2000)
Flute Concerto - Flute and Chamber Orchestra

Paradise Lost (1998)
Chamber Orchestra


Set of 3 (2012)
Double Bass Duet
commissioned by the Rivers Conservatory for the
2012 Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young

The Looking Glass (2012)
Brass Quintet

In Honor of E.C. (2011)
Woodwind Quintet

From One, Apart (2010)
The Fourth Wall Ensemble (Flute, Bass Trombone, Percussion)

Simple Song (2003)
Soprano and Cello

Prayer (2001)
Cello and Double Bass

Up 'Til Now (1999)
Baritone and Piano

Bass Bossa (1999)
Double Bass Quartet

Life Love (1997)
Soprano and Piano

Woodwind Quartet (1997)


Lucifer/Vesper (2013)


Fleeting Moments (2012)
commissioned by the Rivers Conservatory for the
2012 Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young

If I Could Start Again . . . (2007)

Solo Clarinet Version

Three Pieces for Piano (2004)

Five Pieces for Piano (2001)

Inharmonic (1999)
Electric bass

Solo for Cello (1998)

Reminiscence (1997)

Two Short Pieces of Piano (1995)


Mozart and Salieri (2016)
10 Minute Opera commissioned by the Boston Opera Collaborative and the Longy School of Music of Bard College.

Electroacoustic Music

Acousmatic Music

Counter-motive II (2013)

Counter-motive (2013)

The Noise He Used in Order to Paint (2012)

Anniversary (2012)

Alloy (2012)

Metal Etude No. 1 (2011)

Duet (2010)

Meditations (2010)

Loving Laughter (2010)

Supercollider Ambient (2009)

For the Love of Laughter (2009)

Isn't that . . . (2007)

The Root of All Evil (2005)

Still Life (2005)

Swirl (2003)

Still (2001)

Crowds (1999)

Live Electroacoustic

A Sigh Felt Across the Earth (2013)
commissioned by Ken Radnofsky
Alto saxaphone and electronics

Portum in Ultimo (2010)

Lorelei Ensemble
SSAA Chorus, electronics, and D.J.

If I Could Start Again. . . (2007)
Viola and Live Electronics

It Might All Slip Away (2006)
Guitar and Fixed Media

Chant (Prayer II) (2002)
Double Bass Quartet and Live Electronics

Id (2001)
Double Bass and Fixed Media

Gamut (1999)
Flute and Fixed Media

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